Derrick Adams’ new installation runs under the motto, home is where the art is. In a site-specific work at an Upper East Side townhouse gallery, Adams creates an illusionistic home fashioned from wallpaper. The sleek modernity of the decor is geared towards mass-appeal and the color combinations modern and fresh but on closer inspection some things don’t add up. A wall socket is too small to fit any appliance, the modernist wall sconces are made for giants, and there are West African sculptures in the pots on the stove. The art is, of course, by Adams. Head collages from the artist’s on-going “Deconstruction Worker” series blend perfectly into the interior design – captured in profile, they transmit a stylish purposefulness that betrays sophisticated city-living. The patch-work manipulation and fragmented synthesis invites comparative interpretations into architectural blueprints and tectonic de-constructivism but informally Adams’ figures have strong affinities with Pop and consumer culture. They blend perfectly into their fabricated environment and exude the cultivated poise of the stylish avant-garde. At Luxembourg & Dayan through April 20.