You know something is up the minute you step in the door and see the deranged bartender. Curator Weston Lowe invites to dinner. Proceed along the corridor into the main gallery and be greeted by “The Tenant”, an empty plaster arm chair by Dan Herschlein which seems to contemplate Brandon Ndife’s “Monument to Cold and Hunger”, a stunted hydrocal sculpture with a dirty white sock. Elsewhere, Corin Hewitt’s “Sausage Frescoes” dangle eerily from the ceiling while Jeanette Mundt and Stephanie Hier provide the conventional Western art backdrop of war and still lifes. But Big Brother is invited as well in the form of tiny RFDS embedded in copper casts of GMO corn kernels courtesy of Connecticut-based artist Violet Dennison. “Dinner that Night” is on at Bureau Gallery until February 11.