Like her Romantic peers, EJ Hauser turns drawings into visual expressions of the mysticism of nature. Yet this is where all similarities abruptly end. For Hauser not only uses her drawing practice to inform on her works on canvas but also employs her paintings to report back to her works on paper. A series of new multi-layered oil paintings grouped under the title “Barn Spirits”, were spawned during a summer stint in rural New York. Semi ovals and irregular egg shapes act as outlines or are overlaid onto complicated patterns that recall the expressive and repetitive techniques of Aboriginal art. Hauser’s complex compositions contrast multiple vantage points which superimpose linear markings that recall seeds, leaves or animal trackings from a bird-eye perspective with frontal view triangular shapes that evoke mountains or barns. A mostly muted and washed out color palette supports a matrix of lines and dots that often beget shadows of the originals. As a philosophical response to the visual overstimulation and technological overdrive of our current world, Hauser’s works circle back to the Romantics where a strong connection of the individual to nature and wildlife serves as a spiritual source of renewal. Conceptually they are relating the amalgamation of drawing and painting to the hazy mélange of memory and reality. At Derek Eller Gallery through February 3.