The terrain, at once knobby and rough, other times smooth and cool, holds nature in a gentle clasp and surrenders a gentle sigh. Elisa D’Arrigo’s ceramic objects remind of prehistoric vessels and tools and garments held up by the memory of its wearer. They seek the support of terra firma like a teenager’s awkward pull of sleeves and the exhausted collapse of the world-weary. As forms turn into content, drifting memories make these objects intended and indeed alive. Humor, the great interrupter of conflict, appears subtly and unbidden while abstraction transmutes into amorphous form. D’Arrigo engages her objects the way a poet tries to account for the inside and outside of things. Cavities serve as subtle intermediary between functionality and décor. Surface textures celebrate smoothness and imperfection with a supporting cast of an earthy palette of speckled oranges, marbled greens, and fleshy pinks. D’Arrigo’s masterly balancing act between polished and raw, material and esoteric, craft and art, spawns delightful objects that are playful whilst simultaneously retaining their high ambition. At Elizabeth Harris through May 11.