A visual exploration into the mythical dreamscapes of Elizabeth Glaessner await at PPOW. For her second exhibition at the gallery, Glaessner combines black-and-white paintings, large scale vertical silk hangings, allegorical scroll work and exuberant paintings into a figurative expedition unto the precarious precipice of morality, fantasy and the depths of the human psyche. Delicate, translucent silk panels provide chromatic eye teasers of the black-and-white paintings that lie beyond. The ocular gets directed further alongside a long monochromatic wall scroll which unwinds into an other-worldly narrative of allegorical ethos. It finally comes to rest on the artist’s exuberant paintings. Alarming orange-reds and chimerical blues prevail in hallucinary mise-en-scènes and mythical fables that brim with vitality. They bear truths to the present and are testimony to Glaessner’s innate ability to coax out the emotional fragility of our inner selves. At PPOW through February 10.