Perhaps no other post-minimalist artist was as wholeheartedly and passionately devoted to painting than Elizabeth Murray. Building on the foundations of Pop, Cubism and Surrealism, Murray saw fresh opportunities in the delicious tension between the shape of the canvas and the subject matter that is buried within. A first-rate selection of works from 1980s, currently on view at Pace Gallery, dazzles with the overwhelming physicality of her twisted canvases and delights in the intellect of her process. Fracturing perspectives, angular forms that battle curved ones, and biomorphic forms that seem to peel off the gallery wall are brimming with vitality and movement. Shape. Color. Surface. Unwavering in her focus and restless in her intellectual pursuit of melioration, Murray opened new possibilities within an art form that has been pronounced dead over and over again. It proves that if you just look long enough at the building blocks, new patterns may yet emerge. At Pace through January 13.