There is a quiet but persistent clamouring in the art world calling for a museum show for Ellen Berkenblit. In its absence, a mini retrospective of her work at Anton Kern will have to do. The exhibition is arranged salon-style and features mostly small-scale drawings, gouaches, pencil on paper, textile collage, oil paintings and a combination of all of the above. Berkenblit’s works inhabit a spectral cartoon-like quality. What makes her work fascinating and baffling at the same time, is that recurring figures, such as a sharp-nosed witch, cats, birds and hands, never really add up to a satisfactory narrative. This mysterious ambiguousness is underscored by moody tones of black, greys and dark purples yet all interjected by a healthy dose of dark humour. With Berkenblit one never quite knows whether to laugh, cry or be absolutely terrified. At Anton Kern through October 20.