The Austrian Cultural Forum offers a welcome respite from the taxing Mid-town traffic madness brought to stressed out New Yorkers courtesy of the ongoing security restrictions around White House North. The institution is currently showing an exquisite selection of works by Austrian artist Franz West and the many artists who have crossed paths with him. Arranged on three floors, the works range from the conceptual mindbenders of Rudolf Stingel, challenging wax sculptures by Urs Fischer, Arte Povera-ish LED lamps of Andreas Reiter Raabe, the colorful chaises of Mary Heilmann, tantalizing mixed-media works by Rudolf Polansky, Octavian Trauttmansdorff’s claustrophobic video, “ZuWohnung”, and compelling works by Anna-Sophie Berger, Tillman Kaiser, Anne Schneider, Rikrit Tiravanija the artist Duo KAYA and, of course, the main man himself. Here is Sarah Lucas’ “Essential Doris” from 2011, a concrete platform shoe with boobs and a shout-out to all working women in Mid-town who must run the daily gauntlet of sexual harassment at work, endure inappropriate sexual taunts by construction workers, dodge ankle-breaking potholes, bear the discomfort of artery-chocking stockings and battle malfunctioning undergarments. At The Austrian Cultural Forum through January 22.