The inaugural solo exhibition of Grace Weaver’s new paintings and drawings at James Cohan shines a well-deserved light on the impressive talent of this young artist. Weaver’s compositions, narrative subject matter and color vocabulary is at its most dramatic on a large format. Eschewing angles, her young millennial subjects come to life with thick uninterrupted lines, a technique that possibly emanated from the artist’s recent switch from oil to acrylic paint. Even stripes veer off into curvaceousness, sometimes the only corners are on the canvas that provide the window to her everyday scenes. What brings it all together and tips her paintings onto a different scale is Weaver’s unflinching use of color. Transporting the symbolic and bold chromatic compositions of Les Fauves into modern day settings, Weaver sets the mood, tempo and emotional content of a narrative that she controls but we thoroughly absorb. At James Cohan through October 28.