A stunning survey of Hans Hartung’s work is currently on view at Perrotin.  Under the expert direction of Matthieu Poirier, over sixty works from 1922 until 1989 are gathered in chronological order in five rooms. Hartung went through several phases during his almost seventy-year career but found a magnetic nerve center somewhere in the middle between rule-based and gestural abstraction. Hartung’s works from the 1960s are stunning. Moody, elegant layers of paint achieve a hazy, bruise-like effect and are only occasional overlaid with scratchy marks. Look long enough and the central dark stain expands and contracts, seemingly spilling out of its self-imposed confinement. These works wistfully hint at the ephemeral nature of the natural world and the wondrous transcendence of our existence. A concurrent exhibition of Hartung’s work is also on view at Nahmad Contemporary. At Perrotin through February 18 and Nahmad Contemporary through March 17.