Heimo Zobernig’s multi-disciplinary practice is deeply concerned with the implications of modernism in art history and the visitor/gallery relationship as it relates to both architecture and the cognitive experience of art. In a dual-gallery exhibition at Petzel, Zobernig presents nine new language-based paintings and a re-animation of his exhibition “Chess Painting” at MIT List Visual Arts Center. Zobernig’s text paintings play with the word REAL in four quadrants. Color and composition become catalysts in morphing the letters into different meanings. Like a scrabble board, REAL becomes EGAL (I don’t care in German). In Petzel’s downtown gallery, Zobernig’s immersive installation takes on the black and white geometry of the chess board within the context of the gallery setting. Black and white walls suggest structure and rules. But then Zobernig slyly crossbreeds the logical with the emotional. Warm and fuzzy checker-board fur blankets on top of stain-less steel podiums beckon to come in from the cold and get cozy. And so, architecture becomes installation, sculpture becomes painting, architecture becomes sculpture, viewer becomes art. At Petzel through February 17.