From 1957 until 1958 Hélio Oiticia worked on a series of small-scale, chromatically limited gouaches on paperboard that he called Metaesquemas. Their ramifications drew ripples that reverberate until today. By injecting the subjectivity of color and the instability of movement into geometric arrangements, Oiticia forced a re-consideration of concretism that would set him on a path of accelerating subjectivity through the liberation of color in three-dimensional space that would culminate in his Spatial Relief works and which would eventually lead to his highly impassioned conceptual art practice. The dogma of neo-concretism under the Grupo Frente provided an important springboard from which Oiticia developed sophisticated explorations into color, form and space. The unsettling precariousness of the Metaesquemas underlie a logical concept of mirrored arrangements of squares and rectangles in grid-like compositions. The neutrality of the cardboard background and the purity of Oiticia’s colors are conspirators in a liberating sense of space and movement and opened new ways in the visual consumption of art. In the end, these unstable compositions only give the illusion of chaos but in fact unmask a serene and logical geometric order – a hopeful message, perhaps, to our own tumultuous world. At Galerie Lelong through December 22.