The humble still life is getting a fresh new dusting courtesy of Georgia-based artist Holly Coulis. Coulis arranges cups, vases, flowers and fruit into striking minimalist compositions that radiate balance, purity and serenity. Sharp double outlines demark objects and table surface and create a three-dimensionality that plays with light and perception. But the main actor in Coulis’ work is color. She expertly pairs cold cornflower blues with warm burnt orange hues and vibrant yellows. Coulis’ Table Studies recall the hard-edged abstraction and sixties color palette of Sarah Morris and the principled color proficiency of Alex Katz. I am glad that the artist has abandoned her willfully amateurish landscapes and still lifes in favor of a more refined aesthetic that highlights the artist’s supreme mastery of color and form. At Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery through October 22.