James Siena’s captivating new, large-scale compositions are perfect case studies of the push-pull between containment and recalcitrance. Corralled in by an irregular-shaped periphery, Siena sections his compositions into several autonomous parts that contain organic fluctuations and convolutions that hold the paradox of scientific experiments that appear to evolve organically. These liquid designs recall graphical landscapes that simultaneously move from side to side, upside down and expand inwards in a seemingly autonomous way. Remarkably, the artist manages to harnesses this untamed molten flow into a repetitious balance by a complicated system of expanding and contracting spacing. Graphical methodology leads the mind towards the scientific realm but is pulled back into the subjective through Siena’s highly emotive chromatic combinations and deft figure/ground exchange. Outlines within outlines within outlines make finding the optimal viewing distance a disorienting cotillon dance with the wall but Siena’s overall subtlety with lines and color lead the viewer on a meditative path that is mentally clear, harmonious, and calm. At Pace Gallery through February 9.