Outrageous Fortune: Jay DeFeo and Surrealism is a superb look at the late artist’s work through the lens of surrealism. The ghosts of Man Ray, and Hannah Höch stalk DeFeo’s collages of body parts and plants which flirt with Dada as much as they represent a synthesis between abstraction and realism. For DeFeo who, in much of her varied oeuvre, has had an intense fascination with her own body and the cultural repression of sexuality, surrealism provided a door into the unlocking of the subconscious and the uncanny. Conspicuously absent from this fine selection is DeFeo’s seven-foot-wide drawing “The Eyes” from 1958, now in the permanent collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art. It is a haunting depiction of a set of penetrating eyes with Freudian notions of the mind’s eye as manifestations of the supernatural and the human disinclination for self-examination. At Mitchell-Innes & Nash through April 7.