There is a melodious rhythm and beauty in Jennifer Wynne Reeves’ body of works. Abstracted landscapes play hosts to whimsical narratives underlined by her own poetry, impastoed paint, wire, or hair. Jennifer lived and made art in a world of her own – unmoved by the comings and goings of the art world yet revered by an army of fellow artists. Living in near isolation in a small town in New York State, her window to the world was a kinder and gentler version of Facebook where she would share and discuss her art and poetry, console friends with warmth and compassion, and inspire with wit and intellectual acuity. A small gathering of her works at the Drawing Center shows that fearlessness, decency and tenderness combined with true passion can still inspire a very cynical art world. Jennifer Wynne Reeves died of brain cancer in 2004. She was 51 years old. At the Drawing Center through February 3.