Female sexuality narrated by women has always carried a radical tint. Add the ageing body and the mixture becomes outright toxic. A new series of powerful nude self-portraits by Joan Semmel take on the cultural obsession with youth and the idealized body and engage the viewer with a mature corporeality that is at once sensual and sexual. Semmel is often lazily lumped together with Jenny Saville whose overflowing, female flesh possess a remorseless carnality that Semmel eschews. Instead, Semmel takes an unflinching look at her own body and finds that sagging breasts, love handles, and wrinkles are signposts but no guideposts for visceral pleasure. Seductive color, expressive brushwork and luxurious angles imbue Semmel’s bodies with a sensual intimacy that signal autonomy and strength. They are the antidote to Lisa Yuskavage’s mindless bimbos and prove that Joan Semmel still occupies the placeholder as the foremost feminist painter. At Alexander Gray through February 16.