John Stezaker frees images from their mass media purgatory, adds and subtracts until he reaches an end-result which is electrified with new metaphysical and psychological meaning. His collages are indebted to Surrealism and the fringes of the Situationist International movement. Petzel Gallery is currently showing twenty-seven collages from 1976 until 1979 in which the photo-roman is the catalyst for a series of sexually charged narratives. The works pivot around the cinematic and voyeuristic dramatics of the kiss. Stezaker knows that any attempt to capture a kiss must involve the third eye which is catnip for his practice. Violence and its Freudian cousin voyeurism play lead actors in this group of psychologically charged assemblages whose small-scale format adds to the sense of nervous suspense and where lust, seduction and yearning get collaged into something that only the viewer-cum-voyeur can drag up from deep within. At Petzel Gallery through January 6.