Jonathan Gardner’s paintings feel like entering a day-dream. Languid scenes of elegant people at play, nudes in classical repose, and unhurried tableaus of refined taste are set in carefully arranged compositions that intensify the geometry of every-day objects through an innate sense of color and form. Gardner’s laser-like focus on ordinary things like plates, vases, and décor, rendered in a flat hyper-stylization suggest flirtations with the Precisionist Cubist movement. Formally, Picasso and Léger spring to mind – yet the breezy subject matter remind of the carefree hedonism of Gerald and Sara Murphy while mechanical figures and disassociated symbolic objects point in the direction of Surrealism. That Gardner is able to gather all these disparate strands into an impeccably executed and distinctive collage-like style of his own, while at the same time grounding his narrative in the here and now, makes it such a pleasure to view his works. At Casey Kaplan through April 20.