“How do I sell more art?” People tell me I should use color. And less text. Less politics would probably also help. Does that go for substance in general? Will less sell more? I’ll lose it if I have to. And I should probably make my drawings all the same not too big, not too small size… kind of always the same-ish all around. Actually doing more of the same of what sold last would be good. I can’t even remember what sold last. I doubt it looked like this. People don’t buy drawings that look like this. As my daughter would say, this drawing is bore-ing. I should probably try to get my work into fashion magazines because I bet these artists make a lot of money. Actually, just get myself into fashion magazines. I’m skinny and somewhat attractive – I’ll put your clothes on. And fancy interior design spreads too. Why don’t interior designers want to hang this drawing in an unused living room? If you are still reading this, I want to assure you that I really need to sell more drawings. This is not a joke. I am running out of money. Do you know how much my health insurance costs? Mounting drawings to canvas is one strategy, because then they’re paintings. But I couldn’t do that to Drawing. Do you know that drawings are ¼ the price of comparably sized paintings? People say I would sell more if I were younger. Or older. Anything but middle aged. There is just no money coming in. It’s making me anxious and terribly irritable, like all the time. If you are one of those people who buy art, maybe you can tell me what you buy, because this clearly isn’t it. That said, I should probably stop refusing commissions. Commissions are money for art… but is it really art if it’s a commission? Really? Being a white guy probably doesn’t help. Who needs more art by us? Although am I even white anymore? I think Trump revoked the Jews’ whiteness. Maybe I can play up the Yid angle? Hitler killed a lot of my family. Does that make this drawing more desirable? Does sex still sell? TITS! DICKS! Yes? No? Don’t think that because you are reading this in a gallery that it sells. Lots of stuff doesn’t sell here. By the way, if you are still reading this, props. You probably could have been looking at something colourful instead…. Karl Haendel “Masses & Mainstream” continues at Mitchell-Innes & Nash through February 16.