For the past twenty-five years, Kay Rosen has been splicing, distorting and untangling text with the singular aim of coaxing out hidden meaning. Through clever manipulations of font, color, placement, and words, Rosen explores the visual impact of text and language in our daily discourse. Like many artists in these politically fraught times, her newest work delves into the minefield of text/image transference in the daily onslaught of partisan sloganeering through television, print, and social media.  In this context, the disruption of language’s symbolic order becomes an indictment of the disruption of our political order. As, for example, a T-shaped wall painting spelling “trickle down” becomes “trick” and the green-blue “Triumph” is reduced to the fading last name of our current president. After all, Rosen knows that like all text art, the ultimate job of encoding falls to the viewer who, like many politically concerned Americans, are increasingly seeing the writing on the wall. At Alexander Gray through April 7.