Kiki Smith’s new exhibition “Murmur” leads from the spiritual world of nature into the extra-terrestrial expanse of the cosmos. Working across an almost inexhaustible array of mediums and dimensions, the show brings together large scale sculpture, stunning cyanotypes, delicate etchings, and small Wunderkammer-like objects. An exquisitely bronzed tree trunk starts an esoteric journey that leads via a cluster of wall-mounted shooting stars to a large meteoric sculpture and culminates in a Zen-like room lined with small allegorical animal sculptures on glass shelves. A Japanese-inspired water stone in the center provides a grounded serenity. Elsewhere, a series of ethereal cyanotypes recall the dreamy marvel of starry nights and the infinite expanse of cosmic space. At once whimsical and dramatic, the show aims for an experience rather than a display and invites to shed the pandemonium of the outside world in favor of a few minutes of quiet contemplation and repose. At Pace through March 30.