The multi-disciplinary work of Argentinian artist Liliana Porter dispenses with linear narratives. Instead we get absurdist lessons on hero worship, the deceit of history, the hypocrisy of religion and the impotence of the individual in political machinations. Like a bruise that blooms gradually, the seemingly mundane objects in Porter’s photographs develop multiple layers of meaning only long after the image has already left the mind. Her object-based works are less cryptic. They inhabit an environment that pits the individual against an overbearing world. Tiny whimsical figures are set to stoically complete near impossible tasks. Their quiet determination are calls to action to shatter the paralysis towards the destruction of the environment, the snowballing impossibility of sifting out fact from fiction and the powerlessness to stop a nauseating wave of neo-fascist developments that seem to engulf our world. At El Museo del Barrio through January 27.