Lucien Freud’s monumental nude portraits overflow with raw psychological intensity and guttural veracity. Thirteen paintings, assembled by Freud’s long-time assistant David Dawson, are currently on view at Acquavella Gallery. In “Naked Man, Back View” (1991-1992) the enormous backside of the performer Leigh Bowery serves as a scrupulous examination of the extraordinary complexity of the human skin. It proves that white skin is neither white nor uniform but full of varying textures and sensations. Under Freud’s dispassionate gaze, gestural brushwork, impastoed texture, and an incredible play of color morph into abstract bodyscapes that hint at the extraordinary nuance and complexity of the human skin as alter egos for the psychological turmoil within. They are less about sexual desire but betray a raw intimacy that exposes the convoluted labyrinth of the human psyche. At Acquavella through May 24.