The pairing of Australian artists Marie Hagerty and Peter Vandermark is nothing short of perfect. Hailing from Down-Under and roughly the same age, both artists employ a bewitching tactility and embrace a form of abstract minimalism that pays close attention to the interrelationship between line, form, and color. But here is where all similarities end. For starters, Hagerty is a painter and Vandermark’s chosen medium is sculpture. Hagerty’s forms are amorphic – there is no straight line in sight. Her figures recall the bodies of women; fluid, layered, and twisted into dynamic configurations. Vandermark, by contrast, is firmly wedded to geometric abstraction. His layered assemblages of geometric forms at precisely calculated angles build on the interrelationship between the object, the viewer and the environment. That amorphous forms and strict angularity should be a sign of gender are outmoded assumptions best relegated to the past. That both artists should come together under the pretext of the colors red, blue and black, however, is a match made in heaven. At Olsen Gruin through May 12.