Marie Jacotey

Move On! Get over it!
February 26 – March 26

Don't forget about me

heike moras art is pleased to present Get over it! Move on! a solo exhibition by French artist Marie Jacotey. Continuing Jacotey’s long-standing interest in relationships seen through the prism of comics, the exhibition is comprised of a series of new works on dust sheets and plaster tiles as well as an assembly of drawings.

Marie Jacotey’s explorations into young adult relationships share a formal and conceptual affinity with comic book art and offer a critique in how we view, perceive and store images in the post-internet age.

Jacotey’s drawings of the contradictory complications of life invite fictive extrapolations on a culture informed by soundbites, existential angst, and the inane dictum of the internet. Often leavened with a palpable erotic undercurrent, Jacotey’s subjects hover between an innate sense of possibility vs. unexpected despair and offer a profound interplay between individual psychosis and social entropy. Jacotey deftly navigates the vernacular where trivial maxims are often charged with intensely personal symbolism as well as broader cultural inflections.

Whist her drawings have a clear narrative pull, Jacotey’s tiles are picture puzzles that invite the viewer to determine the outcome of her stories in an increasingly volatile world. They serve as a formal exploration between the part and the whole and focus on the complex interplay between authenticity and artificiality in self-presentation and relationships.

Marie Jacotey graduated in 2013 from a MA in printmaking at the Royal College of Arts in London after completing an image course at the National Superior School of Decorative Arts in Paris (ENSAD). She was featured as part of the Bloomberg New Contemporaries at the ICA, London, in 2014 and her first solo exhibition followed shortly thereafter at Hannah Barry Gallery. Recently Jacotey was commissioned a new body of work for the 2015 Salon de Montrouge in Paris. Upcoming group shows include exhibitions at Rook and Raven Gallery, London and at Tatjana Pieters Gallery, Ghent. A comic-style story by Jacotey is to be published by Kus Comics as part of their Mini Kus collection and she is working with Stinsensqueeze (STSQ), a London and Paris based graphic design studio, on a publication about her work. The artist is represented by Hannah Barry Gallery. She lives and works in London.