Mary Weatherford’s new neon paintings conjure up a West Coast road trip along rugged landscapes interspersed by colourful city neon and lines of bright red taillights that snake through hilly terrain. Her often dense compositions combine sweeping brushwork with patches of washed out Flashe paint and open up to small areas of drippy mark-making. Flesh coloured pinks, burnt-oranges, and brilliant sapphires are the peripheral visualization of a drive through the dense green forests of Western Washington, the leathery scenery of the coastal mountains, and to the brilliant oceans of Southern California where misty fogs give way to a radiant yellow sun. Formally her neon tubes read as additional lines but subjectively they speak of the amalgamation of nature and technology, urban and rural, and the space in-between where man must come to terms with solitude and progress. At Gagosian through October 15.