Like his painter-colleague Laura Owens, Matt Connors likes to explore the group dynamics of paintings. In a new show at Canada Gallery, Connors divides the gallery space into four mini white cubes that hold carefully selected groups of paintings that test the visual perception and emotive experience to color and form. Connors’ paint-soaked canvases have a raw, experimental quality to them so that the line between pictures and object becomes less clear; their physicality becomes compounded by the temporal home into which he encases them. Next door, Connors plays with other artist’s work in a delightful exhibition including such morsels like Richard Serra’s hypnotic video “Boomerang” from 1974 and a lovely Fairfield Porter woodcape from 1968. Here is a trio of vases by Matthew David Smith in front of Charlene von Heyl’s exuberant “Cargo”. At Canada through December 10.