Paintings and drawings from the final years of Michael Mazur’s life are currently on view at Ryan Lee gallery. Alternating between abstraction, narration and figuration in painting, drawing, print-making and sculpture, Mazur’s output was driven by an astutely analytic mindset, masterly draughtsmanship and a vivid sense of color. In his later paintings, Mazur returned to nature. Rain, with its complicated relationship between nature and man, salvation and disaster – held a particular fascination. Pools of azure blue, lavender, and bruised splotches of emerald greens submerge in tightly cropped compositions where man is implied but never visibly present. The scale, composition, and immersive handling of color remind of Monet’s Grande Décoration which captures the enchantment of nature and the awareness that life is inherently pleasurable. At Ryan Lee through December 22.