A little-known treasure cave, DC Moore’s back gallery often offers unexpected visual gems. Currently, four exquisite paintings by Milton Avery are on view. “Pink Nude” (1946) and “Nude before Screen” (1949) delight in the simplicity of form, artistry of color handling and sovereignty of the picture plane. In “Yellow Robe” (1960) Avery’s wizardry with color is at play with yellow against red on muted ground which magically morphs into the assertive side of his wife Sally. “Fresh Strawberries” (1949) summons drawn-out summer lunches and languid afternoons under shady trees. A colander of luscious berries depicted from a birds-eye perspective on a checkered green tablecloth comes alive via the juxtaposition of interlocking planes with the centered assertiveness of the flat object. Yet again, color is the main protagonist. Grey on green beg for the liveliness of red and wondrously render this composition a simple expression of complex emotions. At DC Moore Through April 6.