Objects, either hand-made or store-bought, have long formed the aesthetic and conceptual vertebrae of Nancy Shaver’s forty-plus career. Hers is a democratic, almost socialist idea. Traditional, indigenous blouses vie attention with cheap mass-produced t-shirts; elegant evening bags sit side by side with rusty plumbing parts and carefully embroidered little baby hats from Uzbekistan. That objects invariably lead to their owners, handlers, sellers and tenants leads to the question of how and why we accumulate things which in turn underlie many of our political and ethical conundrums. That is perhaps why the title of her show “a part of a part of a part” owes so much to Gertrude Stein’s “rose is a rose is a rose is a rose, loveliness extreme.extra gaiters,loveliness extreme.sweetest ice-cream. pages ages page ages page ages.” At Derek Eller Gallery through May 27.