Since the late 1990’s return to figurative and representational painting, the New Leipzig School has become its own phenomenon. The five painters exhibited here hail from the Second Generation of this movement which uses Post-Reunification Germany as its historical trajectory. Trained under master professors such as Arno Rink and his disciple Neo Rauch at the Hochschule für Gaphik und Buchkunst in Leipzig the painters share an art education with heavy emphasis on basic draftsmanship, figure drawing, composition and perspective yet whose subject and execution is acutely distinct.

Despite shared stylistic and thematic concerns, each artist has found different painting solutions.  Tilo Baumgärtel’s dreamlike, surreal subject matter stands in stark contrast to Christian Brandl’s flat, cool tableaus full of imaginary possibilities. The phantastical over-the-top scenes and colour palette of Steve Viezens paintings differ decisively from the awkward vulnerability of Falk Gernegroβ’ female acts and the mythological inspired fragmented objects of Sebastian Burger’s works on paper.

Tilo Baumgärtel

Christian Brandl

Sebastian Burger

Falk Gernegroβ

Steve Viezens