It seems entirely logical that Omer Fast would finally cross paths with August Sander. Fast’s videos largely hover between documentary and fiction, masterly melding the ‘Real, and the ‘Imagined’. He loves ‘The What Ifs’. His new 3D video “August” envisions the eminent German photographer old, broken, and tortured by the memories of his son who died defying the Nazis. Sander used to measure the distance between himself and his subjects with string; it both distanced him from his sitters and at the same time bound them to him. This is in this netherworld that Omer Fast is most comfortable in. The perversion of Sander’s work by the Nazis haunted Sanders until his death and yet Fast imagines him photographing a Nazi officer: the documentation of a particularly evil tribe. The movie is disturbing and disorienting but try to find the gallery! Fast completely revamped the exterior and interior of the James Cohan gallery into a pre-gentrification Chinatown shop, complete with a dilapidated exterior, two non-working cash machines, and a grimy counter selling cheap phones and lottery tickets: A play that was well received in the art world but which sparked protests among a group of Chinatown residents who felt pigeonholed by an out-of-touch elite. At James Cohan through October 29.