Robert Grosvenor’s two-prong sculpture “Untitled” (2016) is flawless in terms of spatial expression and material vivification. Two egg-shell colored plywood bases are grounded by a pair of long overlapping steel pipes. Each base occupies an outward facing tear-drop shaped sculpture fashioned from a translucent plexiglass held by slender angled aluminium pipes, providing additional visual direction. The smaller construction in front is a square aluminium frame anchoring a jaundiced sheet of sagging fiberglass. The combination is breath-taking. Grosvenor manages to corral materiality, color, form, and space into a wonderfully simplistic but endlessly challenging minimalist happening. The confinement of the square white cube is crucial to the sculpture’s existence – it wouldn’t work in free space. It requires the quiet contemplative spiritualism of an enclosed sanctuary; linking architecture, geometry, balance, and material strength. At Paula Cooper through March 17.