In the movie “The Square”, the chief curator at a Stockholm museum is continually shooting himself in the foot by slavishly trying to adhere to politically correct rules that seem to be shifting faster than he can think ‘socially-articulated performance art’. Unperturbed by the ups and downs of the art markets and the ins and outs of the cultural elite, Robert Ryman has been giving homage to the Square for almost six decades. He devotes the same rigorous veracity regarding materiality, light, and spatial relationship to his drawing practice as he does to his paintings. Originally trained as a jazz musician, Ryman stays true to a chord progression yet experiments relentlessly with different melodic lines. An elegantly presented show of over fifty drawings by Ryman is now on view at Pace Gallery. They prove that a quietly cerebral art practice that is resting on a judicious foundation is ultimately impervious to any fashion trend. At Pace Gallery through March 24.