In a new series of photographs, currently on view at Lehman Maupin, South-African artist Robin Rhode is decisively moving away from the graffiti inspired urban culture of his earlier works and instead embraces the pictorial language of Paul Centore’s Geometry of Color to explore post-colonialist ills such as poverty, crime and violence that underlie his multi-disciplinary art practice. As homage to Rhode’s special relationship with the wall, each of Rhode’s multi-photo works are given its own wall space. Form, color and space are the architectural building blocks with which the artist tackles recurring issues of social disintegration in urban spaces of his native South Africa – mostly performed in front of Rhode’s “Broken Wall” in the crime-ridden Newclare neighborhood of Johannesburg. It is bittersweet irony, then, that these are the last wall works made there. Rhode recently announced that he needed to abandon the space out of security concerns due to recurring drug and gang violence. At Lehman Maupin through February 24.