Cologne-based artist Rosemarie Trockel’s work is hard to place. Lacking medium specificity and often embedded with sly humor, the gateway to her work can frequently be found in her titles. A black ceramic splat on the wall titled “Studio Visit” implies a not-so-perfect encounter with a collector or curator; a ceramic mirror called “Prisoner of Yourself” is anchored to the wall with a heavy chain: an ode to people who can’t move beyond themselves; a clown-like figure in a ridiculous get-up stares out from a digital print where the caption reads “Yes, Where Others Say No” proffers a warning to all fashion victims; “Lucky Lady” recalls the minimalist protruding breasts of Zilia Sanchez. And finally, “Wette Gegen Sich Selbst” which translates to “A Bet Against Oneself” is a self-defeating mirror structure that would be a perfect addition to the private collection of the current occupant of the White House. At Gladstone through October 28