Summer group exhibition round-up II. Barely two years old, Fake News is increasingly threatening our pillars of civil debate and cultural tolerance. Evidence, a group show organized by Josh Kline, brings together a diverse group of artists who examine how the creeping spread of misinformation is undermining democracy and inflames animosity between nations. The line-up include works by Paul Chan, Otto Gillen, Josh Kline, Liz Magic Laser, Gloria Maximo, Paul Pfeiffer and Allyson Vieira. Dominating the gallery space is Liz Magic Laser’s Primal Speech installation where, in a nod to Arthur Janus’ Primal Therapy, in a padded isolation chamber patients regress to their earliest childhood in order to produce a scream exposing subconscious expectations towards politicians. They generate subjective, unrealistic, infantile and commercial assumptions that invite ruthless exploitation by only the most callous of leaders. At Metro Pictures through July 27.