Summer group exhibition round-up, I. Gladstone gallery ponders the malaise of the American cultural and political landscape with a group of artists that engage with Vito Acconci’s seminal installation “Voice of America (1975). The fall out is dystopian, as expected. The world and America at its apex has grown darker. Paul Chan leads the pack with one of his manically animated Breather sculptures, a plum colored nylon construction coming to life via a noisy fan. But rather than offering sexy car deals, the creature beckons towards Dante’s purgatorio. Sharon Hayes’ Lesbian Scenography takes up the back room with a fabric on acrylic all-American landscape that has little progress to show for itself in the past 20 years and Rikrit Tiranija wants us to get a whiff of the odious smell of truth (2018) with a pile of t-shirts on a mirror. But no-one captures the sour taste of misogyny, inequality, blatant consumerism and fake news better than Barbara Kruger with her prophetic text work from 2016. At Gladstone through July 27.