Svenja Deininger does not necessarily consider her compositions abstract paintings although she concedes that they are not figurative either. Deininger likes us to think of her unorthodox asymmetries as the portrayal of a concept without physical manifestations. This brings her much closer to the methodology of objective abstraction with generous helpings of purity, simplicity and spirituality. Be that as it may, Deininger’s spare cut-out-like compositions ooze with overt and implied materiality. She works and re-works her paintings until the exhibition wall deems them finished. Deininger’s intuitive sense of color is spot-on. While formally intuitive on canvas, Deininger leaves nothing to chance in the installation of her works. Her works are carefully positioned within the architecture of the exhibition space like words that ultimately form a perfectly balanced Haiku. At Marianne Boesky through December 22.