“I mostly pick up stuff; I start on a picture when I get a whole lot of stuff together. And then I look at the piece and think about life”. A fine selection of Thornton Dial’s complex assemblages and powerful paintings is currently on view at David Lewis. Dial’s relief paintings are densely packed with everything from shoes, gloves, bedding, carpets, artificial flowers, crushed paint cans, found metal, frying pan, cooking utensils, chain, and wood; all held together with industrial sealing compound or paint on wood. Dynamic and persuasive, Dial’s work contemplates the anguish of black struggle in the south but also feminist concerns and inhabits a profound reverence for the natural world. Also on view are Dial’s iconic Tiger Painting “Lady Know How to Hold the Jungle Cat” from 1990 and his free-standing sculpture “The Top of the World” from 1998. At David Lewis through March 18.