“Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon”, a wandering yet rewarding show at the New Museum, is a timely reflection on the role of gender and identity within a social order that is becoming increasingly polarized. The show brings together more than forty artists whose works examine complex questions regarding sexuality, gender, violence, identity, and race in a political and social context. Highlights include Christina Quarles’ brilliantly claustrophobic paintings of constrained bodies; Mickalene Thomas’ haunting sculptural video installation “Me as Muse”; Vaginal Davis’ lush punk-inspired wall sculptures made from nail polish, hair spray, and perfume which stand in contrast to Ulrike Müller’s sober-minimalist geometric body compositions. Here is “Mane (2016)” by the remarkable artist Tschabalala Self – a patchwork collage of fabric scraps that engenders a seated, confident and multilayered black woman – a magnificent work which underscores the significance of the female black body both as an icon and as a sexual object. At the New Museum through January 21.