Inspired by the rhythm, grace and aesthetic of Chinese calligraphy, Vivian Springford’s color stain paintings are a dazzling journey into the sublime. Resurrected by Almine Rech Gallery from near obscurity and only recently endowed with a monographic catalogue by art historian Alexandra Schwartz, Springford was among a diverse group of talented female Abstract Expressionist painters living in New York in the 1960s who fought to be heard amongst their male peers. Applying approaches from color fielders like Helen Frankenthaler and the nature-based abstractions of Georgia O’Keefe, Springford’s airy washes of color bloom outwards from a nucleolus that itself seems to disappear into a divine void. Poetic overlapping waves of misty colors merge with the canvas and create luminous chromatic vibrations of such exquisite weightless depths that they inspire blissful escapes into stillness and contentment. At Almine Rech through October 20.