When nature is your assistant, the outcome must be truly dazzling. For the past thirty years Vivan Suter has lived and worked in a remote village in the Guatemalan rainforest where the lush tropical environment and an almost complete detachment from the artworld has deeply shaped her artistic output. Suter works mainly en plain air on raw canvas which she fills with volumetric forms and expressive markmaking rendered in vivid but natural colors. The works are then often left to their own devices and come out for the better. Rain, mud, and sun; echoes of fallen fruit and traces of small animals become  inaudible mutterings of the spiritual essence of nature. Suter abhors frames, considering them the anthesis to the abandon of nature. Instead, she arranges her large unstretched canvases into overlapping compositions that organically unfold into dramatic symphonies about the wonders our natural world. At Gladstone through June 8.