Distilling the human head down to a few essential outlines, German-born, Brooklyn-based artist Volker Hüller builds up the base and outline of his large-scale monochrome canvases with disparate materials such as grass, fake crocodile skin, thread, stone, linen, cardboard, collaged canvas and cotton. Hüller’s simplified features may remind of the elongated shapes of Easter Island head sculptures or the elegant facial outlines of Mondigliani or Picasso but the real punch effect of each of his new canvases is the psychological impact of color. Color psychology is, of course, deeply subjective. Depending on the viewer, red and yellow may evoke comfort or warmth; green and grey white may spark calm or sadness. Hüller calls these works “tonics”; indeed, they are invigorating and uplifting visual tonics for the weary soul. At Van Doren Waxter through March 23.