Zach Bruder is looking forward by looking back. Employing a vaguely expressionistic style, Zach Bruder’s subject matter ranges from the religious to the iconoclastic; the modern to the archaic.  Bruder revels in mystification. His sometimes surreal, sometimes humorous mise en scènes mimic Polke with an extra dose of unease. Yet the viridity lies in his ability to make us look anew. In “Demeter”, a moody Edward Munch-like composition, it is not clear whether the goddess of the harvest is pulling out or being pulled in by a plant. “Who is minding the shop” takes a not-so-subtle swipe at the art world. While his canvases seem to be mourning a loss of spirituality, Bruder never loses sight of the limitless allegorical possibilities of history. At Magenta Plains through February 11.